Brand tone and voice

Our voice expresses Huspy’s unique personality to the world, signaling who we are and what we stand for.

Voice and tone are not the same thing.

Our writing needs to be consistent in terms of grammar and terminology, but we also need to be emotionally aware. While our voice principles will help you to craft messages that are clear, useful, and trustworthy, the tone we use helps to create experiences that are more thoughtful and meaningful.



The personality

which more or less always stays the same

The expression of that personality

which changes all the time

What you say

How you say it

Based on principles and values

Depends on context and mood

Provides consistency and clarity

Adds nuance and care

Considers what information to give the

reader at each moment

Considers what the reader might be thinking and

feeling at each moment

Tools to define voice: Voice principles, glossary

Tools to define tone: Tone spectrum, empathy, intuition