Brand tone and voice

To strike the right tone, we need to align product communication with the feelings people might have in the moment they’re using our product. It isn’t that simple, but asking the following questions might help you define the appropriate tone:

  • What is someone likely to be doing when they encounter this message? How did the user get here?
  • What is their mindset likely to be?
  • What is our intention within the UI? What do we want to offer people in the UX?
  • How receptive is the person likely to be to that intention?
  • How might we express our intention in a way that feels authentic?


Some things to consider:

Tone is not just about the words we use. It can also come across in the number of steps it takes to complete the task, the font, the animations, or even the information architecture. It all adds up to convey a feeling or a mood.

Never try to push our personality over the needs of the user. Keep in mind what the user might be feeling in that moment already (joy, frustration, excitement, etc.), and not what we want them to feel.