Key messages

Who are they?

A person who purchases a house or apartment as an investment (investor), or a place to live (end-user).

Huspy aims to put the power in the hands of the homebuyer by providing them with transparent information while facilitating the purchasing process, at no extra cost to them. We want to make them feel safe and confident throughout their whole journey with Huspy.

Key messages

Decide wisely, choose freely

Your house, your rules

Enjoy the journey

Buying a home comes with its inevitable hurdles. That’s why we’re here. We make the home buying process understandable and easy-to-digest so you can feel empowered in your decision making at every step. Choose the right option for you, with confidence.

From choosing your home and getting a mortgage to holding the keys in your hand, this journey should be on your terms. We don’t make decisions for you and nothing is done without your approval. We’re here with simplified processes and some expert advice sprinkled along the way.

There’s a word to describe the feeling when it comes down to getting a new place. Excitement. And this feeling is shared. Forget about chasing people to get the job done and avoid the financial jargon. We take the hassle out of home buying for you to enjoy the ride.

Things to keep in mind when talking to home buyers:

  • Generate awareness that a journey awaits them.
  • Communicate with empathy, we know this journey is an emotional one.
  • Don’t assume all homebuyers have a high level of knowledge on mortgages or home buying.
  • Empower them with transparent and easy-to-consume information, to generate trust and build a bond.
  • Be present, but not overbearing. The client should be kept up-to-date throughout the journey, but also given opportunity to reflect and digest. This is, after all, one of the biggest purchases in their life.
  • Don’t assume trust. We need to earn it, over and over.