Writing guidelines

We always use sentence case for headlines, body copy, and buttons, which means the first word is capitalized and the rest is lowercase, unless a term is a proper noun.

  • Proper nouns include names of banks, agencies, brokerages, products, features, and locations, etc. and require title case, which means every word is capitalized.
  • Please don't use ALL CAPS for emphasis.
  • Huspy is always capitalized.

Here is a guide on when to use which:

Sentence case

Title Case

All titles, headers and sub-headers (H1, H2, H3, H4)

Names of banks and agencies, e.g. Dubai Islamic Bank, Engel & Völkers, etc.

All body copy, sentences and paragraphs.

Names of locations, e.g. Business Bay, Madrid, etc.

All buttons and calls to action.

Names of features and Huspy products, e.g. Huspy Portal

All captions on images, including in image galleries.


All list items, e.g. <ul> <li>.


All label and legend in forms, including labels on a checkbox and radio.


All placeholder text and values on form inputs, e.g. text-input, select etc


🥳 BONUS CONTENT: Check out these helpful Readability Guidelines for clear info on the topic of capitalization.