Writing guidelines

  • Always refer to customers as “you”. Don’t put words in their mouths with phrases that use “I” or “my”.
  • Always refer to Huspy as “we” or “us,” but avoid inserting Huspy into the content as much as possible.



✅ Share documents

❌ Share my documents

✅ We care about your privacy

❌ Huspy cares about your privacy

✅ Your profile

❌ My profile

Singular “they”

Use of the singular “they” is inclusive of all people and helps us to avoid making assumptions about gender.

  • Use “they” and its different forms (“them”/”their”/”theirs”) in the singular to refer to individuals, i.e. “Find your customer a home and make their day!”
  • Never assume a specific gender like “him”, “she”, “his” etc.
  • Avoid clunky combination forms such as “(s)he”, “s/he”, “him/her”, etc. and rather use they/them/their.

Read more about the singular they in the official APA Style guide.